The exhibitions, nature schools, and individually planned workshops and courses in our Nature and Science Center prepare to face global changes and manage them.

The exhibitions, interactive demonstrations and VR simulators in the Center bring out the true stories of the past and visions of the future of our globe. One of them is the success story of water purification of Lake Saimaa and saving of the Saimaa ringed seal from extinction - both magnificent examples of the Finnish excellence in water and nature protection.

Another story compiles the global threats against the viability of Planet Earth: climate change, population growth, depletion of natural resources, the sixth mass extinction of both flora and fauna, and chemicalization. We will show how science tackles these problems and encourage everyone to start the joined journey towards safe future.


SAIMAARIUM centre is a fascinating venue for educational, meeting and event occasions.

We provide a wide range of events in environmental education and training. A few examples:

  • Nature Schools, Science Clubs and the Family Lake Days are all about researching the nature; learning the structure and function of the ecosystem, taking samples, use microscopes, taking pictures and conducting tests in the lab and in nature.
  • Virtual dive (diving simulator) in the lake Saimaa and Travelling with the Saimaa Ringed Seal theme days show the fascinating underwater world of our beautiful lake Saimaa.
  • We produce versatile Nature photography events with top photographers.
  • We host top seminars and lectures with themes like Science today
  • We offer climate change education and training services: basics of CC and how to tackle it.
  • Our centre is also an inspirational venue for meetings and events.


We develop new science-based solutions for climate change mitigation, water protection and nature conservation


Saimaarium offers versatile research and expert services, such as environmental impact assessment, restoration of damaged ecosystems, water protection and biological surveys. Our research builds upon the success stories of the Finnish environmental sciences and the long-term study of Lake Saimaa. We develop the SAIMAA SOLUTIONS concept, research and development network for the Finnish environmental research.