Saimaarium Lappeenranta
Saimaarium Kari-Matti Vuori

Kari-Matti Vuori
Acting CEO (Chief Executive Manager)
Associate professor, biologist, research professor (water protection, ecological risk assessment)

Kari-Matti as acting CEO is in charge of managing operations. Kari-Matti is the founder and innovator of the company. He is also a Leading Research Scientist in the Finnish Environment Institute.

Saimaarium Markus Soimasuo

Markus Soimasuo
Development Director
Associate professor, biologist, entrepreneur

Markus is the co-generator of the business idea of Saimaarium Ltd and innovator of operational content. Markus operates also his own business.

Saimaarium Jari Kiljunen

Jari Kiljunen
Nature Surveyor Specialist ECS

Jari acts as a practical implementer of exhibition content and as a planner of the centre’s establishment project. As nature surveyor Jari has special knowledge of for example fishes, dragonflies and especially birds.

Saimaarium Ara Hopia

Ara Hopia
Strategic Partner and Future Board Member
Master of Administrative Sciences, M.Sc.

Ara is the founder and main shareholder in the consultant and coaching company Kulmia Group. He has a long experience in building company strategies, developing business culture and managing marketing and customer care in the financial sector.

Saimaarium Kaarina Tiainen

Kaarina Tiainen
Coordinator of Saimaa ringed seal
Agriculture and Forestry M.Sc. (environmental protection), artenomi (AMK)

Kaarina coordinates the Saimaa ringed seal exhibition in the SAIMAARIUM Center. She has a long term experience of the Saimaa ringed seal and its conservation in The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation (FANC).

Saimaarium Kimmo Saarinen

Kimmo Saarinen
Expert of environmental health and diversity of nature
Associate professor, biologist

Kimmo acts as an expert in our exhibition on relations between biodiversity and human health. He is the manager of South Karelia Allergy and Environment Institute.

Saimaarium Emmi Siitari

Emmi Siitari
Branding and communications
Publishing and Printing ECS, Marketing Communications Specialist ECS

Emmi from Muutostoimisto CDM acts as a specialist in branding and communications in association with Saimaarium team. Muutostoimisto CDM takes care of the implementation.